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Our professional endeavors are to add value to our clients maintaining the highest level of honesty which becomes the basis of trust in the client relationship.

Who Are We

We are Zimbard Business Advisory Services.A leading Company in Company Registration.Accounting. audit, advisory, tax & Corporate Training. We are dedicated to building long-lasting relationships and helping your Organization to Achieve its Dreams and Aspirations. 

Excellence Experience Expertise is our Motto.

Our Mission

To add extraordinary, unexpected and personalized value to our clients.
We provide this value by understanding the law, understanding the client’s business and understanding the business environment of the company.

What We Do

Why Choose Us?

Zimbard Consultancy services will offer a one stop shop services offering a suite of accounting and administrative solutions for the benefit of small to medium businesses.

Providing support on business incorporation procedures such as company registration and the fulfilment of local statutory filing requirements which includes annual returns, changes in directorships, etc. Initial registration with various statutory bodies including the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority, National Social Security Authority, Environmental Management Agency, State Procurement Board, relevant National Employment Council, relevant local authority licencing, etc and obtaining the initial tax clearance and bank clearance certificates to enable the client start operating fully compliant.

Zimbard Consultancy Services will implement a bookkeeper / accountant secondment service tailor made to track a client’s day to day transactions ensuring compliance with relevant accounting, tax and regulatory frameworks at all stages of the client’s business cycle. Client will be supported in the roles of either finance manager, accountant or bookkeeper including assistance in review of control systems. The consultancy will go further in training client’s own staff to enable them handle some of the functions within the business cycle. Monthly management accounts, year end financial statements and schedules to the auditors will be produced for the client. Reconciliations of cash and bank accounts, inventory counts / stock takes and fixed assets counts will be impressed upon business that they are necessary safeguards against fraud and will be performed on behalf clients periodically. Many businesses lack internal expertise and skill to carry out complex reconciliations or even measure if a business is making a profit or not.

Zimbard Consultancy Servcies will implement information technology systems at its head office and deploy these to efficiently and timeously process and store accounting information on behalf of clients. The consultancy firm will also persuade clients to implement information technology systems on site to make the process of gathering information easier for both the client and the consultancy firm. The consultancy firm will assist the client in choosing the appropriate hardware and software solutions. The consultancy will collaborate and partner with vendors and suppliers of hardware and software solutions to help in the implementation of these technologies at the client’s site. Subsequently the consultancy firm will continue to provide a service supporting the system, auditing the integrity of the data captured, checking for completeness of the records and implementing remedial action if needed. At the end of a trading cycle the consultancy firm will ensure that client data is backed up offsite, the necessary reports generated, monthly management reports and statistics are issued to guide the client in decision making.

Zimbard Consultancy Services will help clients with payroll solutions. A fully fledged FDS compliant payroll solution will be implemented at the consultancy’s head office from which clients’ payrolls will be administered and stored. The consultancy will ensure that monthly payroll returns such as Zimra’s form P2 (Paye remittance advice) and NSSA’s form P4A (remittance advice) will be submitted timeously. At the end of the year the consultancy firm will ensure that final PAYE reconcilions are done and ITF16 form is filed with Zimra while all employees are issued with P6 tax certificates. Additionally the consultancy will help with the implementation and management of the relevant CBA agreements and administration of staff contracts. The consultancy firm may also be called upon to assist the client preside over employee disciplinary hearings and assist in staff placements, recommend employee job enrichment schemes, etc. Clients will be assisted in drawing up procedure manuals for the benefit of employees.ro.

Zimbard Consultancy Services will help start ups put together business plans either for purposes of guiding their operations or to support an application for funding. The consultancy firm will guide prospective entrepreneurs through the business planning process helping them describe everything from vision, mission, operational strategies, marketing, start up costs and financial forecasting. The consultancy firm will go a step further by accompanying the client to explain the financial projections and assumptions at meetings with financiers. Existing businesses will be assisted with plans to restructure and reorganize their businesses.

Companies across industries are currently facing an unusual and complex financial environment characterized by liquidity challenges, inflation and failing businesses. As a result many businesses are challenged with ballooning debt and credit balances. Businesses already facing profit pressures have to undertake collections thoughtfully and efficiently in order optimize business incomes. The consultancy firm will come in handy by managing the accounts receivable and accounts payable portfolios of it’s clients through timeous provision of accurate statements and reconciliations to enable efficient collection of debts and payment of supplier accounts. The consultancy will go further in providing an efficient debt collection service that is designed to skillfully collect the debt on behalf of the customer while retaining the customer.

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We want to thank Zimbard for their sevices. Our company was registered successfully and at a fair price.
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Special thanks to the Zimbard team. I ended up saving money on the Accounting services that you did for my business, I am really grateful.
Mr. Tom
Betlab Investments